1. What is InterVarsity?  InterVarsity (which we shorten to IV) is a Christian group on campus that seeks to be loving and authentic - in our worship of Jesus, in our search for truth, in our friendships with one another. We do this primarily through fun community hang outs; weekly Large Group worship services; and student-led Small Group Bible Studies.

2. Do I have to be a Christian to come?  NO! InterVarsity is for ANY student – regardless of background, religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We care about YOU and want to welcome you into loving community – where you can get to know God and find lifelong friends.·

3. How do I get plugged in?  There are all kinds of ways to get plugged in! You can find info about all of these on our website (unciv.com) or by coming to a weekly Large Group.

1) Come to some of our beginning of the year events! Whether you are new to college, new to UNC, or just new IV, come join us as we serve the needy in our community; tailgate with Bojangles, do a photo scavenger hunt, get fit with group zoomba, head to Ocean Isle for Beach Retreat and more! You don't have to be involved in IV to come to any or all of these events!·

2) Get involved in a Small Group Bible Study led by fellow students. Small Groups meet weekly all over campus – there's one right near you! We always love to have new people join us in hanging out and talking about the Bible!·

3) Come to Large Group (yeah our names aren't that creative). Large Group is the time when everyone in IV (and tons of new people!) come together to worship God, hear a speaker, and go deeper in our friendships. Large Group is every Thursday night from 7-8:30 in the Union Auditorium room 2420 past the art gallery (walk past Alpine and keep on going).·

4. What should I expect at an IV meeting?  We love Jesus and believe that He is God. So you can expect us to spend time thanking Him in prayer, studying His Bible, and praising Him in song. That can be kind of strange if you don't know how you feel about God. That's ok! You will never be pressured to participate in anything you don't feel comfortable doing.

You can expect us to avoid cliched, cheap answers to tough, relevant questions. We'll admit when we don't have the answers and be respectful and kind when we disagree.

You can expect that we won't have it all together. We aren't perfect and (most of the time!) we don't try to fake it. We do our best to be real and hope you will too.  Just be yourself!

5. How large is InterVarsity?  Last year, UNC’s undergraduate chapter had about 50 students involved in the InterVarsity ministry. Across the nation, we were active on more than 560 college campuses and had approximately 34,000 active students and faculty.

6. How long has InterVarsity been around?  InterVarsity was incorporated in 1941.

7. What does the name mean?  InterVarsity actually comes from England where the term “varsity” referred to one’s school. InterVarsity literally means “Inter-School” Christian Fellowship.