There are 3 primary ways to support the ministry of InterVarsity at UNC

1) If your desire is to support our staff team you can give toward helping us reach our budgets for the current fiscal year(ending June 30, 2016), keeping us on campus full-time, and to our respective salaries. The best way to do that would be to donate to individual staff accounts, dividing among the staff however you see fit. 

The staff for undergraduate ministry is Jordan Maroon.  The staff for IV International Student Ministry is Jim Herman.  The staff for IV graduate student ministry is Hank Tarlton. Currently, UNC does not have staff for Greek (fraternity/sorority) ministry or Asian American ministry.  To support Greek or Asian American student ministry, please give to the UNC Chapter Account (option 2 below) - this will give toward bringing in staff for these ministries in the future.

Click here to donate to Jordan and undergraduate ministry.

Click here to donate to Jim and International Student Ministry

Click here to donate to Hank and Graduate Student Ministry.


2) An alternative is to give directly to the UNC chapter account. Donating this way ultimately serves the same purpose as option 1 with two differences - first, while giving using option 1 would help us reach our budgets this fiscal year (ending June 30), giving instead to the UNC chapter account would give toward our budgets for future fiscal years. Secondly, giving this way would donate not only to our staff but also to current and future InterVarsity staff at UNC serving graduate students, international students, Greek students, African-American and Asian-American students.    

  Click here to donate to the UNC Chapter account.

3) Finally, if you instead would like to give money directly to undergraduate students (for use in helping students afford conferences and retreats, providing materials and money for said conferences and retreats, helping us put on events), then the easiest way would be to mail Jordan a check made out to"UNC IVCF" that he will deposit directly into our campus account.

His address is:
          Jordan Maroon
          2506 Summit Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278