We believe prayer is important because it’s an opportunity to develop and deepen an intimate, personal relationship with the God of the universe.  God reveals Himself to us when we meet with Him in prayer, guiding us on our spiritual journey to become more like Him.  Ultimately, we pray because God has commanded us to (Ephesians 6:18, Philippians 4:6, 1 Thessalonians5:17).  Prayer is a precious gift and privilege given to us by God- through prayer God gives us wisdom and insight (James 1:6) and invites us to find rest in Him (Matthew 11:28).   We also believe that prayer is “powerful and effective” (James 6:16-18)
Our goal is for all members of InterVarsity to have a personal relationship with God that pursued and strengthened daily through prayer.  We encourage this by learning about different ways to pray at Large Group and spending time at Large Group praying for a particular topic relating to social justice- this semester we’ll be faithfully praying against human trafficking.  During retreats, we set up prayer rooms with many different kinds of stations and activities.  This year our prayer team will be regularly going to the UNC hospital to pray for the patients and families there.  These are just some of the ways we practice prayer in InterVarsity!